The Mikirin Story

The founders of MIKIRIN, the twin sisters have been always passionate about food since they were little, so they decided to build their career in the field of culinary business.

They went to Le Cordon Bleu, one of the world’s most prominent organizations dedicated to gastronomy and hospitality educations. The study at Le Cordon Bleu was not only about the field of restaurant management but also the most sophisticated culinary arts.

After graduating, they honed their craft in renowned restaurants and mastered their culinary skills within various cuisines and also cultivated the managerial prowess and expertise for professional kitchen operations.

Armed with the educational background and industry experience, the founders continued to perfect their culinary creativity by designing new menu and dishes infusing both Western and Asian influences and ingredients.

In 2015, they eventually opened their first restaurant, Spicy Lips, and served noodle soup and wonton dishes in a less traditional Chinese way but infused with unique taste and flavours, perfectly balanced with a special broth dubbed as “the best-in-town” and chilli paste made from their family’s long-time secret recipe.

Spicy Lips’ operation proved to be successful with positive reviews from customers with various cultural backgrounds, and prompted the founders to take the next step to provide a better dining experience with a larger selection of food catering to a bigger audience. Hence, MIKIRIN has been born.

The meaning of MIKIRIN (觅麒麟, miqilin) is a fascinating story on its own. 觅 (mi) means “look for, seek, hunt for” and 麒麟 (qilin or kirin) is a mythical creature known in China and other East Asian cultures as a hooved animal similar to an enchanting Oriental Dragon with a majestic face and fiery body.

Kirin is thought to be a good omen that brings people prosperity and serenity. MIKIRIN depicts Kirin looking and hunting for delicious food all around the world, and represents the founders’ pledge to customers that they will never stop exploring and developing new tastes and dishes to satisfy foodies’ ever-changing palates.

Interestingly enough, the Mandarin pronunciation of MIKIRIN, miqilin sounds like the Mandarin transcription of Michelin, pertaining to the Michelin Guide developed to grade restaurants on their quality. The similarity further shows the founders’ objective and determination to serve customers with food comparable to Michelin Star rated ones.

MIKIRIN is the essence of the founders’ passion, knowledge and expertise for the culinary world, so please come and enjoy our SUPER delicious food.

MON-SAT, 11:30AM–22:00PM

World Square
Shop 12, 123 Liverpool St
Sydney NSW 2000

Tel 0415 918 689